DREAMSPACE is a moving image study of the sleep state and of dreams. It depicts the liminality of the dreamer, who, positioned on an edge, falls from one world into another.

In films 1 and 2, the act of sleep has begun. The sleeper is shown submerged in a natural body of water, and again in a bluebell wood. Physically she does not move, yet in her mind she has already travelled far beyond her bedroom and her home. Her powerful imaginative forces are capable of transporting her through a landscape that is in flux, the mysterious waxing and waning landscape of dreams.

In films 3 and 4, the sleeper leaves her body to enter REM sleep. She then travels into, and must navigate, the unconscious world of dreams. She wades through the splintered subconscious watery zone of film 5, herself split into two parts. In film 6, tree groan, the dream is narrated in free form poetry. Bright torch light exposes a dark forest, in search of whispered meaning.