Lunaria Annua

Lunaria Annua is the Latin name for Honesty, or Moon Pennies. These names are derived from the shape and appearance of the seedpods – which look like silver circles on maturation. Their outer casing is translucent, making it possible to count the number of seed’s within each pod, hence Honesty.

I’ve been interested in exploring theme’s relating to worth and wealth by using nature’s pennies. My initial experiments have involved picking the seedpods prematurely and drying them with copper detailing. This simultaneously renders them worthless and valuable.

Using roman numerals I have chosen a value, which takes no acknowledgement of the number of seeds they contain. They remind me of ancient coinage, there’s something quite magical about the entire process. Perhaps this links to childhood memories of tales such as ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

Going forward, I’d like to explore religion, ownership and wealth in conjunction. Lunaria’s relationship to the moon, and the moon’s relationship to many nature based religion’s, particularly fascinates me. I am currently prototyping headpieces that could incorporate the dried seedpods.