About me

Through my creative practice, I explore my relationship to the spaces and landscapes I call home.

I’m interested in the ways I share these spaces with those around me, especially those who aren’t often seen.

By giving voice to my rural Queer experience, I seek to explore how my ADHD influences my practice as an artist and my experience of the world.

My personal connection to magic and the unknown are reoccurring threads within my work. Through ancestral remembering and acts of everyday divination, I connect the distant past to the present moment with poetry and collage.

For me a vital part of human’s role in climate change is remembering:

Remembering our ancestral connection to the planet, and to the natural world we’re a part of.
Through my work I want to light a spark of hope when things seem hopeless.
I want to provide a reminder of our connection to nature, the Earth and a sense of collective empowerment.

I will be presenting my work here on this website around the topic of climate change and how I respond to it.

You can see more of my work on my website here.