I’m a designer, with interests that span technology, engineering and ethics. Simply put: I’m interested in people and how design can, and will, impact our collective future. (Hopefully for the better!)

After graduating from Ravensbourne, with a BA in Fashion Accessory Design, I’ve worked at start up focusing on Engineering Education whilst balancing additional artistic briefs. Currently I’m working as a freelancer.

You can see more of my work on instagram:

Prior to Thresholds I’ve been lucky to collaborate with a number of artists and designers who have worked with the issues surrounding sustainability and the natural environment.  

Most recently these have included:

Maddie McVeigh and Ollie Lansdell on ‘As Above, So Below’ – a VR installation that explored the rural county of Herefordshire. 

Tanya Batkin, from Vergette Gardens, on ‘A Moveable Feast’ – a Silver Medal winning RHS show garden.

I’ve generated multiple projects for ‘Thresholds’, valuing experimentation higher than finalising a single piece. Our environment is constantly changing, and so are the conversations around it; a more explorative approach has been helpful to process a variety of different thoughts, feelings and concerns.

These separate projects show work in progress, with thoughts and processes taking the forefront:

First Aid For Climate Grief

Lunaria Annua