‘Hope within a system’

A (the) system is deeply flawed if there are (so) many that do not fit

I am not seduced by a dream of a three bed semi with a mortgage

The nuclear family will never be mine

It is not I who is broken but a (the) system who cannot account for outliers

To accept myself was to dream

To dream is to hope

To have hope is to resist

And honestly, there is not much more I have to my name than hope.

A system built on fear will destroy its self

You cannot fear the other if You need them for so much

The joy of not fitting means you are here to create change

If the system refuses to adapt to suit the needs of those who live within it then it has already crumbled

They did not kill women who connected to the power for no reason

They did not enslave races because they thought them weak

Fear drove those who created the system

There is no way you can silence us all