‘The future will be held by the Earth’

A channelled piece of writing containing a message from the Divine (whatever you consider that to be).

I leave the garden by the little gate

Far away enough from the house that I’m no longer connected to the Wi-Fi

You must have the password

I’m still on 4G, there is a phone mast nearby

When you live in something long enough you do not remember to notice it

She prayed to Matrona, I pray to no one

Or is pray the right word?

A word I use to allow understanding

I call on spirit

Earth spirit, universal spirit

And my brightest and well ancesters to join me

Knelt on the ground

To them, I ask if they can assist me

In my highest and best

I connected to those in my past

Those who came before

To lend me their guidance

I am an ancestor to someone

I feel the Earth

Holding me here

She is the constant between us

Time is not linear

The ability to hear between times

The past and future exist now

A connection to the present

My present

To be in their presence

Divine presence

In non-linear time

What can they tell me?

What can I pass to others?

And here is their message:

Go no further on the land

The future will be held by the Earth

They must listen deep inside

Divine knowledge

Access power

Not which they tell you

But by your own

Connect to us

Save your own

The earth will hold you

But you must hold yourself

The time is now

All must be together

United to one

Past and present and future

All now

Your will can be made

In divine justice


Now over to you

Thank you