The oneiric earth

In medieval otherworld accounts, characters often must move from the primary world of the narrative into a secondary otherworld by encountering and then moving through elemental boundaries, like bodies of water, forests, areas of dense fog, holes in the earth, or snow storms.

The otherworld is a mysterious zone, a land of the wild and the hidden and that which cannot be understood. It is a land that cannot always be penetrated, that can choose either to reject you or to allow you in, or even to disappear and reappear at will.

In my work I explore the notion of the otherworld as an oneiric dream space with which one merges and is transformed. These ideas are channeled through text, embroidery, film, drawing, and photography.

I am currently using embroidery to depict spiritual otherworld landscapes and the strange beings who may inhabit them.

I am inspired by the organic colour, texture, and form of Icelandic nature